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1,100 pairs of Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes worth $250,000 were found in a stolen U-Haul truck

1,100 pairs of Yeezy shoes stolen in Oregon, valued at $250K.

Yeezy Adidas shoes worth $250,000 found in stolen U-Haul; Portland man arrested, police confirm

A 26-year-old man named Rupert Crosse, reportedly has been arrested in connection to a stolen vehicle packed with 1,100 pairs of brand new Yeezy brand shoes.

Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct stated that the U-Haul was stolen on Saturday night and recovered by officers the following day. Rupert Crosse was arrested and charged with aggravated theft and possession of a stolen vehicle, according to court documents viewed by Oregon Live.

A tweet shows the stolen U-Haul filled with scattered stacks of brown shipping boxes that look like what Adidas uses for e-commerce shipments. The tweet says all 1,100 pairs are Yeezys with an estimated value of over $250,000. This figure would price each pair at around $227, around what a pair of Yeezys costs at retail—meaning the total resale value could be considerably more than $250,000.

“Last night, a U-Haul containing 1,100 pairs of new Adidas ‘Yeezy’ shoes was stolen,” the bureau’s North Precinct said on Twitter. “Dayshift officers located the U-Haul, arrested 26 YO Rupert Crosse and recovered the shoes, which are estimated to be worth over $250,000.”

According to The , Crosse had already been involved in pending cases related to prostitution and strangulation and had also been charged in November on several other charges including unlawful possession of oxycodone.

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1 Comment

These are definitely good shoes. But it seems to me that the best brand is still Jordan. It seems to me that it is also very stylish and high quality.

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