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2 Chainz And Future Dropping New Music Friday

2 Chainz and Future to Drop 'Hardest Song in the World' (Friday)

Nearly ten years removed from talks of a collaboration album, Future and 2 Chainz have decided to join forces for the good of the masses.

Two of Atlanta's OGs in hip-hop, Future and 2 Chainz connected for a banger that Tity Boi will look to release Friday on (1.17.2020).

2 Chainz has been sparking up this collaboration with Future back in July 30, 2019.

On Instagram, 2 Chainz called the new single “the hardest song in the world.” Chainz hit Twitter and revealed that it’s no beef, all love and they, in fact, have a new single on the way together.

“This song I’m droppin #DEADMANWALKING a celebration for the streets. 2 hustlas who made it out the mud w/o hating on each other!”

“People thought me and Bru had a problem w/ each other which is not true,” Chainz wrote to fans on Twitter. “We have some the same street connections and spoke a lot behind closed doors!”


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