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2 Chainz gets a little Salty Charlamagne Tells Him “Ross got a Different type of Catalogue”

2 Chainz Talks ReCap Verzuz Battle with The Breakfast Club to explain why they seemed lazier than other artists doing the Verzuz challenge.

2 Chainz Explains Why Rick Ross Verzuz Battle Was So Tense & "Lazy"

Last night, On the latest edition of the hit Instagram Live show Verzuz, rappers Rick Ross and 2 Chainz went toe-to-toe swapping bars. Watch his appearance on The Breakfast Club below.

Responding to Charlamagne Tha God's question about why they were so tense during the face-off, 2 Chainz gave his explanation.

"I think we were probably just trying to feed off of each other trying to see who was gonna go [first] because there was so much respect in the room," says the Atlanta legend. "I was gone go first, they ended up going first and then I started realizing that we were just on some celebration shit so I didn't wanna be too lit. I didn't wanna be too wifi just coming out with... you know what I mean? I rehearsed, I practiced and everything. it meant a lot to me. So, my whole thing was about me really letting people know that I want my roses while I can still smell 'em."

Later on, the rapper gets a little heated over the question of who has the better catalog. When Charlamagne brings it up, 2 Chainz starts yelling for several minutes, justifying his raised tone by claiming he didn't get much sleep.

2 Chainz In Response of [IG clip] Charlamagne posted today his claim of "sleeplessness."

Watch his appearance on The Breakfast Club below.


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