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22 years ago today, DMX released ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’

May 12, 1998: X Is Coming

22 years ago, DMX released his debut studio album.

On the twenty-second anniversary of DMX's "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot," celebrate one of his most brutal tracks, "X Is Coming."

It's Dark and Hell Is Hot is the debut studio album by Mount Vernon-born, Yonkers-bred rapper DMX. His infamous stage presence and aggression gave a voice to the voiceless in the streets of New York and overnight changed the course of hip-hop.

It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. It was a dark, aggressive and brooding album, and filled with some of the most personal lyrics heard on any hip-hop album. “Get At Me Dog” and “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” were the two records that were ringing through the streets in every borough, but it was the introspective DMX that appeared on tracks like “Look Thru My Eyes,” “Stop Being Greedy,” and “Let Me Fly” that made him the most relatable rapper around.

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