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50 Cent Compares Madonna To An Alien In Recent Photo: “I hope she didn't make her kids take this”

50 Cent goes in on Madonna again compares her to an Alien.

50 Cent Continues Trolling Madonna by Comparing Her Looks to Aliens

50 Cent trolls Madonna AGAIN after the singer teased her fans wearing black stockings, underwear and sunglasses.

The rapper-turned television mogul took to his Instagram on Friday night uploaded a photo of Madonna and compared her to an alien.

In the picture, Madonna has her knees up and legs slightly open, and she's wearing glasses that reminded Fif of extraterrestrials. In the caption, he added, "I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture. LOL at 63 somebody tell her to chill out please." He's amassed tens of thousands of comments and reactions, so we're sure Madonna will have something to say about this.

Fifty apologized for his last remarks calling her "FAKE"—but he's back once again with another post that will certainly get under the Pop singer's skin. 50 Cent took one of Madonna's recent photos and included it in a photo dump where he seemingly compared her new look to aliens.

Check out her Fif's latest jab below.


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