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50 Cent doesn't think JAY-Z’s impact is bigger than Eminem’s

The Queens-bred rapper-turned television mogul doesn’t believe that JAY-Z has had a bigger impact on Hip Hop than Eminem, calling “bullshit.”

50 Cent is calling ‘Bullsh*t’ on Jay-Z having more of an impact than Eminem in Hip-Hop

50 Cent disputes claim Hov’s impact on hip-hop is bigger than Em’s — on comments made by former NBA player Jamal Crawford.

The claim was made during Shaquille O’Neal’s The Big Podcast with Shaq, where the three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year used Jay-Z and Em as a gateway to talking about his favorite basketball players

“That’s why my five, the dominance outweighs the number,” Crawford said to Shaq, who initially disagreed. “Like, JAY-Z’s effect on Hip Hop is bigger than any album sales that Eminem will have, you see what I’m saying? That’s just how it goes.”

50 Cent echoed replying to the former NBA star’s comments in the comments section of Hip Hop Wolf’s Instagram page, which had reshared the clip.

“Ha Bullshit,” he wrote along with a sneezing “🤧” face emoji.

Check out the Instagram post featuring 50 Cent’s comment above.

In terms of stats, both Eminem and Jay-Z have a serious track record. Em is among only seven artists to have 3+ diamond albums. Meanwhile, Jay-Z is tied with Drake for the most No. 1 albums among rappers, at a grand total of 14. 50’s support for Eminem makes sense, as it was Eminem who helped him get his start as a hip-hop star.


50 Cent’s comments come after he recently trolled Jay-Z for trying to “look like a gay painter.” He had been upset about Jay-Z allegedly not wanting him involved in the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show. 50 has said that Eminem sticking up for him is what allowed him to perform at the event.


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