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50 Cent Donates $600k for Houston Independent School District Business Programs

50 Cent teams up with Houston Independent School District to offer students paid internships at Kashmere, Worthing and Wheatley.

50 Cent commits $600,000 to education program for Houston High Schools

On Monday (May 17), 50 Cent announced he has joined forces with Houston mayor Sylvester Turner for an educational program intended to assist three local high schools with low academic performance.

The rap icon and mogul just donated a hefty $300,000 via his G Unity Foundation to the Houston Independent School District, a sum that was matched by the Houston United Group in an effort to bring an advanced business program to the district and its three high schools. In total, $600,000 will be going toward starting the 50-birthed program.

50 took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself and Houston officials holding the check worth $600,000.

“The kids that won’t listen to nobody, will listen to me, we come out of the same kinda confusion,” 50 wrote in the caption of one of his three posts. “This program is just gonna show them how to win. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

Mayor Turner added in a statement, “This program is another platform to help build the leaders and workforce of the future. Educational opportunities play a key role in Houston’s quality of life.”

Fifty's educational program has been in development for over two years. Despite only starting in three schools, the South Jamaica, Queens rapper aims to have the program open up in schools all across the country.


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