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50 Cent laughs off Ozempic rumors after 43-pound weight loss

50 Cent denies taking Ozempic after incredible weight loss.

The G-Unit founder responds to Ozempic rumors, reveals how he really lost 43 pounds

50Cent is denying any use of Ozempic for his recent weight loss. "I was working the f— out, man. Who says Ozempic?" the rapper Fif said.

The television mogul shared a video on Instagram on Wednesday (January 24) reacting to the chatter surrounding his leaner frame, revealing he has shed 43 pounds since embarking on his Final Lap Tour last year.

The New York legend laughed off the suggestion that he’s been taking the diabetes medication, which has been linked to weight loss, and clarified he’s simply been putting in work in the gym.

“Everybody talking about weight loss,” he began. “I was in the gym, I was working the fuck out, man. And they say it was Ozempic. I was running, I was doing what I had to do.

“You see me on tour, I ran around. I was 253 pounds. I came down, I’m 210 right now, right. How you feel about it? You tell me how you feel about it later, right.”

Watch the clip below.


Back in August 2023, 50 Cent admitted to Men’s Health that his fitness inspiration came from an unlikely place: the attempt on his life. “I’m … working out to get myself stronger, ’cause who’s to say you’re not gonna get hit again?” the rapper said.

After being shot nine times in 2000 — and then returning with a famously defined physique — 50 Cent, (born Curtis Jackson) seemed almost superhuman. But he couldn’t help but compare himself to another shirtless performer —  D’Angelo, whose 2000 “(Untitled) How Does It Feel” video showed off his body.

“I’m like, ‘Wait, what’s that?! Oh, nah, that’s important!’” he told the outlet.

So 50 Cent hit the gym — and it became such an important part of his life that he incorporated it into the video for “In Da Club.”

“I put the gym in the middle of the video because, to me, that’s where I looked the coolest,” the rapper said at the time. “That’s where I learned strong is not all muscle; it’s about being mentally and physically strong.”


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