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50 Cent reacts to Fat Joe's latest Interview with TIP on IG

T.I. on Snitch Accusations: 'Shoot Me in the Head N***a If You Think I'm a Motherf*ckin' Rat'

The Atlanta rapper heard that people were calling him a “snitch.” This is an accusation T.I has been dealing with for years, and he wanted to put the rumors to rest. 

On Friday night, Fat Joe hosted an IG Live session with Tip for The Fat Joe Show. During the conversation that was mysteriously removed from Instagram, T.I. let it be known that he has no problem with 50. He's just giving 50 a taste of his own medicine. 

Fif had a few words to get off his chest on Fat Joe interview clip on. In response to TIP snitching accusation, Yeah what the fuck was you thinking nigga. LOL”

Fat Joe x T.I.

You can watch the full interview here below.


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