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50 Cent Reacts to Snoop's Meme about T.I.'s Hymen Check Comment “The f**k was T.I. talking about”

Snoop posts Meme about Tip's going to gynecologist with Daughter, 50 Cent Responds.

Uncle Snoop and Fifty Gang Up on Rap Peer for Policing Daughter's Gynecologists Trips.

On Sunday (November 10), Snoop Dogg jumped on Instagram and posted a meme that pokes fun at the KING of the SOUTH rapper's comment about going to the gynecologist with his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah Harris. In one image, a woman is screaming "I'm a virgin" with the next box featuring an image of an inquisitive T.I. and the caption, "Lemme see."

In the comment section, Fif clowns Tip’s strange confession. writes, “Yeah man, what the fuck was T.I. talking about. LOL.”


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