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50 Cent says ‘8 Mile’ TV series with Eminem still in the works: “It’ll Be Huge”

The rapper-turned-television executive gives an update on ‘8 Mile’ television series is going to be “huge.”

50 Cent talks new “8 Mile” series with Men’s Health: “Just As Big As The Feature Film”

50Cent is working on bringing Eminem’s 2002 film 8 Mile.

During a recent interview with Men’s Health, 50 Cent teased his new Eminem series, 8 Mile. “We in motion,” 50 said at the time. “It’s gonna be big. I’m working. I ain’t got no duds. I’m batting 100 … I think it should be there for [Eminem’s] legacy because it’s important to me that they understand it.”

50 Cent remained silent on the show’s progress since then, He shed more light on it in an interview with Men’s Health this week, noting that his 8 Mile reboot is on track to be just as big as the 2002 film.

“I’m developing the 8 Mile film into a series,” 50 began. “So this shit is expected to be just as big as the feature film, just huge. It’ll be huge. The interest in it is because the time period of 8 Mile was capturing per the bat, so as we move it into modern times you’ll see things about how we function now, how technology changed the way people enter the music business.”

He continued: “This is why you don’t see groups in the music business. You see so many individual artists because there’s no artist development. They used to take time, find Justin Timberlake over here, this guy from over here, bring this guy then we got NSYNC. Then we got Backstreet [Boys], then we got all of these cool boy bands because you put all of that talent into one show.”


The Queen's native first announced the project in January, In an interview with Big Boy, 50 Cent said he’s planning to bring the 2002 drama 8 Mile to TV, and Eminem is involved.

“I'm gonna bring 8 Mile to television," he revealed at the 24:50 point of the conversation above. "We’re in motion.”

He confirmed that Em is onboard in some capacity, and teased that it’s “gonna be big.” When asked for more details about the project, Fif said he wanted to work on a TV adaptation of the Curtis Hanson-directed, Eminem-starring film because it “should be there for his legacy.”


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