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50 Cent says he finally wants to collaborate with Lil Wayne

50 Cent has revealed that he hopes to get a feature from Lil Wayne soon.

50 Cent on Lil Wayne possible collaboration

50Cent talks possible collaboration with Weezy.

The Queen’s rap legend was asked which Hip-Hop artist he still desires to work with during an interview with Capital XTRA. The G-Unit founder responded and stated that he hopes to get into the lab with the Hollygrove native.

“I didn’t do one with Wayne directly,” 50 Cent said. “He’s one of the ones that, like — Wayne has been trained.” 50 Cent then revealed that, while they’ve never worked on a track together, he was on tour with Mr. Carter early in their careers on 2002’s Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour.

Despite having never released music together, Fif noted that he actually hit the road with the New Orleans rap legend early in his career on the star-studded Cash Money and Ruff Ryders tour back in 2000.

Fif continued, “They thought I was lightweight, but then I came back around.” Even back then, 50 Cent had the foresight that he’d shift the culture of hip-hop.


Listen to the full interview below.


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