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50 Cent Says He's Launching ‘8 Mile’ TV Series With Eminem

The Queens Legend says he's making an Eminem “8 Mile TV” Series.

50 Cent Announces He's Working on ‘8 Mile’ TV Series and Eminem Is Involved

Eminem is fully on board with the project according to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

In 50 Cent’s latest interview of 2023 with Big Boy on Friday (January 6), Fif sat down for an interview on Real 92.3's, the hip-hop mogul said he’s planning to bring the 2002 drama 8 Mile to TV, and Eminem is involved.

“I'm gonna bring 8 Mile to television," he revealed at the 24:50 point of the conversation above. "We’re in motion.”

Fif confirmed that Em is onboard in some capacity and teased that it’s “gonna be big.” When asked for more details about the project, Fif said he wanted to work on a TV adaptation of the Curtis Hanson-directed, Eminem-starring film because it “should be there for his legacy.”

“It’s important to me that they understand it,” he added, and compared the approach to that of the 2022 series Bel-Air, which is a dramatic retelling of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. “I’ma do Snoop’s story too, even though we paused on it because of Starz,” he said. “I was having issues with them over there at the time. So, I paused on Murder Was the Case, but I think Snoop is…if the O.J. trial works, why wouldn’t Murder Was the Case work at this point?”


50 Cent's revelation comes on the heels of 8 Mile actor Mekhi Phifer saying he thinks there's no chance a sequel to the movie will ever come into fruition.

“Sometimes it's best to just leave it at one," the 48-year-old actor told TMZ. "Sometimes it's just best to leave it alone. Once you make a classic, no reason to fool around with it.”

“I think, you know, leave the classics alone and it'll be all good. Let's just live with the 8 Mile," he continued. “The story that we told is the story,” Mekhi said. “You know, I mean, it could be interesting, but I wouldn't be in it, and I'm sure Eminem wouldn't be in it either.”


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