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50 Cent wants to buy Revolt after Diddy temporarily steps down as chairman

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Diddy has announced he will temporarily resign as Chairman at Revolt amid all his legal issues and 50 Cent — who has been taunting his longtime rival for months now — seized the opportunity to troll him.

G-Unit founder trolls Diddy over Revolt departure

50Cent interested in buying Revolt after Diddy recently stepped down as chairman of the company in the wake of multiple sexual assault lawsuits.

The rapper-turned television producer has offered to buy Revolt from Diddy following his string of sexual assault lawsuits — but it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to fork out big bucks.

The temporary departure was made in the wake of three sexual assault lawsuits that have been filed against the Bad Boy founder in recent weeks — one of which, from his ex-girlfriend Cassie, has since been settled.

Sources close to the situation told TMZ that the 54-year-old decided last week to step down as network chairman for the time being. According to TMZ, Diddy’s mission behind his move is to ensure the accusations in his private life don’t mess up what Revolt has in store for the future.

Revolt’s CEO and Chief Brand Officer Detavio Samuels and Deon Graham have been running the network, and their efforts have been successful. However, Diddy is not involved with the network’s day-to-day business, and there’s no word on when he plans on returning to his position as chairman.


50 Cent already interested in taking the network off Diddy’s hands is 50 Cent. The Queens rap legend took to Twitter hours after Diddy made his announcement to throw his name in the mix to purchase Revolt.

“👀I’ll buy that from you play boy , for the low because you know Cadillac and AT&T gonna pull out,” 50 tweeted. “I’ll give you a few dollars for it now! Sell it to me, then we can be friends 😳I’m serious call my phone 📱 •”

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