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‘8 Mile’ Actor who battled ‘B-Rabbit’ Eminem has reportedly passed away

In the classic hip-hop film “8 Mile,” actor Nashawn Breedlove, who played the role of Lotto’ battled B-Rabbit (Eminem), has reportedly passed away.

‘8 Mile’ Actor “LOTTO” who battled B-Rabbit (Eminem) in Round 2 has reportedly died

Nashawn Breedlove, who is known for his role as Lotto in 8 Mile, has reportedly died.

The actor death was first reported on Monday (September 25) by Mickey Factz, who paid tribute to the actor via on Instagram.

“RIP to one of the few emcee’s to beat Eminem… Lotto from 8 Mile. Who’s friends lovingly called him, OX,” he wrote. “You will be missed for your tenacity and aggressiveness.”

Nashawn Breedlove as Lotto is best known for his tenacious appearance in 8 Mile, in which his Lotto character battles Eminem’s B-Rabbit and gives him a run for his money, but eventually loses the contest.

Rocking a white tank top and braids, Lotto stings B-Rabbit/Slim Shady with bars like: “I feel bad I gotta murder that dude from ‘Leave It to Beaver.'”

Details surrounding his death are unclear, and his family has yet to confirm on Nashawn Breedlove’s own social media channels or by his family.

The 2002 film 8 Mile was a massive hit on the silver screen. Furthermore, the film was not only a success at the box office but also in the commercial music space. Grossing about $242.9 million dollars and receiving RIAA certifications, the movie was easily one of the best films of that year. The title emanated from the name of a roadway in Detroit called 8 Mile Road. Detailing the struggles and story of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. (played by Eminem) and his rise to fame, the film became a major crowd-pleaser classic.


Additionally, Battle rapper Daylyt, Pete Rock, Onyx and Grafh also reacted to Breedlove’s passing in the comments section of the post. Further details about this news has yet to announced and no one has confirmed anything on Breedlove’s own social media accounts.


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