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DMX's Five Finger Death Punch collab lands on Chart for First Time

The late Yonkers legend has achieved a new career milestone by securing No. 1 song in an unexpected category just days after the four year anniversary of his death

X's posthumous song lands No. 1 on a Billboard Chart for the first time

DMX’s is featured on Five Finger Death Punch’s new single “This Is The Way,” which debuts atop the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.

The late legend achieved an unexpected category just days after the four year anniversary of his death. (Landing at No. 1 on a hard rock chart), for the first time by 'Five Finger Death Punch' "heavy metal band" collaboration.

According to a Forbes report, This is the 17th time Five Finger Death Punch have topped the chart, but it's the very first time DMX has landed at No. 1 on it.

It's the first time the artist landed anywhere on any of the rock charts at all. The song also placed on Billboard's Hot Hard Rock Songs, Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, Mainstream Rock Airplay, Rock & Alternative Airplay and Rock Digital Song Sales charts.

"We are honored to announce that ‘This Is The Way’ feat. DMX has hit number one on the Hard Rock Billboard digital sales chart! This is our 17th #1 on this chart, our 35th top 10 and our 43rd placement overall on the list. This is first number 1 for our lost brother DMX," Five Finger Death Punch wrote in a post on Twitter X.


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