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VIDEO: A crazed Mike Tyson fan challenged Tyson to a fight, then pulls out a gun at comedy show

On Tuesday night, the former heavyweight boxing icon Mike Tyson was enjoying an evening on the town with friends at an intimate rooftop comedy show in Hollywood when chaos ensued.

Man pulls gun in front of Mike Tyson at comedy show in Hollywood, California

The incident, which was caught on video and shared by TMZ, A patron at the event approached Tyson during the show apparently requesting a fight with the former champ “Iron Mike.”

A random guy approached Mike Tyson, disrupting the ongoing comedy set to seemingly challenge Tyson to a fight. Eyewitnesses say that Tyson played the situation coolly and it was ultimately the host of the evening’s show that demanded the man leave. This then prompted the man to pull out and cock a gun, while threatening to shoot the host.

In the footage obtained from the man was escorted out, however, he tried to muscle through, and he even pulled a gun, which had some people in deep fear that a shooting was about to take place.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Tyson remained seated and calm as the unruly man began to press the boxer to fight in order to “upgrade” his “status.”

“All I need is you,” the man can be heard saying to a seated Tyson. “All I need is you.”

Sources say that LAPD was not notified of the incident.


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