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A Fan picks dinner with Boosie Badazz over of a $20,000 payout

Boosie Badazz posed that question to his social media platform and was surprised when LA-native picked dinner instead.

Rapper Lon6z Goes Viral Choosing “Dinner Over $20K': 'Worth Every Penny”

“Dinner with JAY-Z or $500K?” is originally stemmed back in September.

Torrence Hatch took to Twitter on Wednesday (December 8), the Baton Rouge rapper asked his 1.1 million followers, “I GOT A QUESTION FOR YALL LET SEE WHO SMART. DINNER WITH BOOSIE OR 20 THOUSAND? #boosiequestions.”

What do you think! What's worse? Declining $20,000, or declining $20,000 to have dinner with Boosie? Well, the rapper posted the question on Twitter to his followers and one lucky fan chose the dinner.

One of BadAzz's followers, an aspiring rapper from Dayton, Ohio named Lon6z, replied to his tweet taking up his dinner offer. “Fuck 20k! What’s for dinner I’m otw”

The fan "Lon6z" whose real name is Allante DeBrill not only he received some advice from the Baton Rouge legend. He ended up getting a feature on a Boosie track, titled "Run It Up 2.0".


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