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A Jay-Z and NAS collaboration is dropping This Friday off DJ Khaled's new album “Khaled Khaled”

DJ Khaled Reveals ‘Khaled Khaled’ Tracklist.

DJ Khaled Unveils Star-Studded 'Khaled Khaled' Tracklist, Including Jay-Z, Nas, James Fauntleroy, Megan Thee Stallion:

DJ Khaled has been hyping up his upcoming studio album, self-titled Khaled Khaled, for over a full year. He announced on Tuesday, that the project was 100% complete, announcing that it would be out at the end of the week.

His 12th album will feature tracks from Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill, and Justin Bieber.

JAY-Z, Nas, Drake, Lil Wayne, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, H.E.R. and many more.

Khaled announced the release Wednesday (April 30)

Khaled took to Twitter, Khaled came through with full tracklist the titles and featured artists of all 13 tracks. "#FANLUV I Know I said ALBUM 100% DONE but it might be 101% STAY TUNED!" he wrote while teasing there was even more to come. "Also the next post is gonna.... MAN... all I know is ... it CHANGED MY LIFE! And it's HISTORIC."


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