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A woman running for Mayor of Atlanta, GA to close all Strip Clubs & T.I. calls her out for it

City Council President in the name of Felicia Moore will be cleaning house if election succeed.

T.I. blasts Georgia mayoral candidate ahead of the election of the city's new mayor

ATLANTA — residents will be returning to the polls on Tuesday (November 30), to choose from among a series of local leaders for the city's runoff election.

City Council President Felicia Moore and Councilman Andre Dickens top the ballot to vie for Atlanta Mayor in Tuesday's runoff election.

Tip hopped on Instagram Monday highlighted that Atlanta residents, musicians, rappers in particular, have been at the forefront of Atlanta's culture. Urges people to vote for Andre Dickens claiming Felicia Moore will attempt to “shut down all strip clubs in the city” if elected. "If you're a club owner, a bartender, a dancer, promoter, valet driver, or just a visitor who subscribes to the culture of this city [T.I. said]... understand that OUR LIVELIHOODS & WAYS OF LIFE is being threatened."

He added. I'd hate for you to wake up tomorrow and your destiny now rests in the hands of people who could care less about your concerns or best interests... THE TIME IS NOW‼️

According to one report from MTO, there are possible plans to change zoning for clubs, so that they are forced to get “special use permission” to open a club in the city.


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