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Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” has reached No. 1 on the US iTunes

The singer is currently holding the number one spot on the US iTunes charts.

Aaliyah’s ‘One in a Million’ Lands on Streaming Platforms, More Music to Drop in September

Aaliyah — who died in a plane crash nearly 20 years ago, on August 25, 2001 — was one of the most popular and influential young R&B singers of her era.

Aaliyah’s sophomore album, One in a Million, became available on streaming platforms on Friday, (August 20) As promised by the label Blackground Records earlier this month. The release is underscored by a dispute between Blackground’s Barry Hankerson—Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager who owns her masters—and the Estate of Aaliyah Haughton.

She was possibly the most popular and prominent artist — both of the long-unavailable albums are certified double platinum — to have their most commercially successful music unavailable to stream legally.

While differences between the estate and Hankerson remain, he has apparently gotten legal clearance to post re-release the albums both physically and on streaming services, and the first one — 1996’s “One in a Million,” the first in her extensive collaborations with producer-songwriters Timbaland and Missy Elliott — was posted late Thursday. Her 2001 “Aaliyah” album is due September 10, and both the “Ultimate Aaliyah” greatest-hits compilation and a collection of singles and previously unreleased material called “I Care 4 U” are due on October 8.b

According to Chart Data confirmed Aaliyah’s Iconic Second Album, One in a Million has already reached No. on US iTunes less than one hour.

Stream Aaliyah’s ‘One in a Million’ album below.

One in a Million’s re-release was made possible due to a partnership between Blackground Records 2.0 (which owns Aaliyah’s catalog and is ran by her uncle, Barry Hankerson) and EMPIRE.

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