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Ace Hood drops New Video for “Look In My Eyes”

The track can be found on Ace Hood’s latest album ‘Mr. Hood.’

Watch: “Look Me In My Eyes” Music Video

There should be no reason why Ace Hood is still slept on!

Since the start of his career back in 2007, Ace Hood has been poised for greatness within the industry and he solidified his place in Hip Hop early on. Delivering a vast amount of classic mixtapes with his Body Bag, Starvation and The Statement series over the years, Ace Hood has (and rightfully so) definitely been in the talks of the mixtape immortals. With each tape filled with hunger, aggression and passion in every bar, the Broward County rapper has proved time and time again that he’s a lyrical force that shouldn’t be reckoned with. Aside from the tapes, his notable studio albums play a huge part in his career as well. Today, Ace Hood releases “Look Me In My Eyes” official music video.

Peep the song above and find out why you shouldn't lie to Ace Hood, especially if you're looking him in the eyes.

Look me in my eyes and say a lie but don't lie to you

I've been working on my fears for all these years at least I'm trying to

How you gon' look me in my eyes and tell a lie but say don't lie to you (yeah, yeah, yeah)

I've been working through fears for all these years at least I'm trying to (yeah, yeah, yeah)


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