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Ace Hood Says He Has Countless Songs With Lil Wayne But Won't Release Them

Ace Hood Explains Why He's Not Dropping His Songs With Lil Wayne

Ace Hood and Lil Wayne have songs we may never hear.

While Ace Hood's career may have changed since the "Bugatti" days, so too has his lifestyle and his state of mind. The Florida rapper has been grinding for a while; His Trust The Process II: Undefeated. The rapper who has gone through a massive career change is Lil Wayne, as he was recently released from his label prison at Cash Money Records.

One would think that a collaboration with the two of them would generate some buzz, but there are a couple issues, according to Ace Hood. According to Hip-Hop DX, the two have plenty of songs in vault already, but Ace isn't willing to release them. Don't worry, it's not Wayne's fault. It's more of a "it's not you, it's me" situation.

"That’s my boy for life," Ace says. "Me and Wayne got records too that I haven’t put out yet. I got tracks sitting. I got a record with Wayne that I haven’t put out yet. The truth is the content is different from the path that I’m on, but it’s a great record … I’d rather do something fresh."

Ace's path seems to be one of health and motivation. His mantra, "Trust the Process" inspires him to move forward and live a healthy, holistic lifestyle for his family and friends.

"I believe in nurturing my body and nurturing my mind for it to be its best self," says Ace. "I wanna run with my children and be the guy that’s 90 years old still doing pushups."


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