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Actor Michael B. Jordan crowns Drake as the “Greatest Rapper of All Time” over 2Pac & JAY-Z

Michael B. Jordan has shared his take on who he thinks is the greatest rapper of all time.

Michael B. Jordan names Drake as The G.O.A.T. Rapper over JAY-Z and Tupac Shakur

Creed III co-stars have named their favorite rappers of all time, including Drake, Jay-Z and 2Pac.

During a Creed III press run with Complex, the actor made it clear he thinks Drake should be regarded as the G.O.A.T. Jordan, who was joined by his co-star Jonathan Majors, noted Drizzy’s commercial success and his ability to cross different genres.

The conversation came about during segment called “GOAT Talk” Jordan was being interviewed alongside his "Creed III" costar Jonathan Majors, who was less than impressed with his answer.

“You said Drake?” Jonathan Major, who named Jay-Z as his rap GOAT, replied while laughing.

The 36-year-old Actor said, “JAY-Z? Drake? It’s tough, its tough, it’s tough.” He then went on to mention that Drake’s “consistency across genres” and having “an artist rapper rap about things that I’ve been through, situations that I can relate to the most, literally— ‘I’ve thought that, I’ve been through that,’ it relates to me consistently. I gotta go there.”

Check out the two on-screen boxers have “GOAT Talk” above.


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