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AJ Johnson's Wife Is Struggling To Come Up With Funeral Costs, Calls Out Fans Showing ‘Fake Love’

The family of Friday star Anthony “A.J.” Johnson is struggling to cover funeral costs following his untimely death, according to TMZ.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson’s wife calls out “fake love” while struggling to cover funeral expenses

Johnson’s wife Lexis Jones Mason told TMZ that the family started a GoFundMe account to help come up with the funds for her deceased husband’s burial, but the donations have fallen extremely short of their goal to receive $20k. At the time of TMZ’s report, the donations were near $800. As of Sept. 22, the family has been able to crowdsource a total of $4,595 from the actor’s fan base.

In addition to Funeral costs, The fundraised amount and at press time it has climbed to $7,690. The amount is still far from their proposed target and now, Mason is calling out some family and followers of the star for showing “fake love,” as they struggle to give him the funeral service he rightfully deserves.

“Y’all say y’all love him but where is the love? Y’all not helping,” she said in a video posted by TMZ.

Mason claimed she had received calls and text messages from close family members and fans claiming that they would donate, but now she says they were all false promises.

“We’re gonna have a service. I’m gonna do everything I know he would have done for me. It’s just hurtful. I would not be asking if we had it, or we had a policy, Mason continued as she struggled to hold back tears.

“There’s people that’s saying that they’re gonna give money…we haven’t received it. Just to bury him and the funeral services alone will be close to 15 (thousand dollars)”“Just please stop the fake love please stop the fake calls please stop the fake texts,” she contined. “Just for our family…Me the kids and the grandkids, just stop it.”
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