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Akademiks Goes Off 45mins RANT about Meek Mill after Meek Told Him not to Posts Him Anymore

Akademiks Targets Meek Mill During Lengthy Tirade On Live Stream.

Akademiks Isn't Done Flaming Meek Mill Despite Stopping Instagram Posts

This is where DJ Akademiks comes in. He has been cited as a very close friend of Tekashi 6ix9ine, and he does not let up on posting all he can about him, and this would include 69’s multiple jabs at Meek Mill. This is definitely a reason for Meek to get all up in his feelings taking his anger out on someone who is more likely to not react with hurtful and violent words. Now, this by no means states that AK is a pushover, he just has a more respectful way of handling beef…sometimes.

“I’ve never seen Meek Mill press an actual gangsta,” he complained. “But they can’t wait to run into the blog n*gga. I’ve never seen Meek do nothing to another hood n*gga,” the Everyday Struggle co-host spat.

Akademiks got a lot of things off his chest during a recent live stream following Meek Mill demanded Ak Stop Posting Me, Ak Responds:

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