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Alicia Keys New Double Album Titled ‘Keys’ Drops Friday─Features Lil Wayne, Pusha T and More

Alicia Keys is slated to drop a new double album, KEYS, on (Dec. 10)

Alicia Keys reveals tracklist for double album Keys'

On December 10, Alicia Keys will share her eighth studio album Keys. The project will sport two separate versions:

The singer has shared 26-track set, which she calls “one of the most exciting projects I ever did,” Keys will feature the same tracklist in two sonically separate versions: Originals and Unlocked. The “Originals” side consists of 14 “laidback piano vibes,” produced entirely by Alicia, with appearances from Pusha T (“Plentiful”) and Brandi Carlile (“Paper Flowers”).

In a statement, Alicia keys explained the differences in the album sides. "The Originals come from that classic side of me! It’s that AK that we WANT!! A homecoming. The Unlocked side, I wanted to sample The Originals to create a whole other sonic experience. So, @mikewillmadeit and I connected and made magic. Together, they are a fusion of the worlds within me with the #KEYS as the main ingredient."


Side One – Originals 1. “Plentiful” feat. Pusha T 2. “Skydive” 3. “Best of Me” 4. “Dead End Road” 5. “Is It Insane” 6. “Billions” 7. “Love When You Call My Name” 8. “Only You” 9. “Daffodils” 10. “Old Memories” 11. “Nat King Cole” 12. “Paper Flowers” feat. Brandi Carlile 13. “Like Water” 14. “Keys”

Side Two – Unlocked

1. “Only You”

2. “Skydive”

3. “Best of Me”

4. “LALA” feat. Swae Lee

5. “Nat King Cole” feat. Lil Wayne

6. “Is It Insane”

7. “Come for Me” feat. Khalid and Lucky Daye

8. “Old Memories”

9. “Dead End Road”

10. “Love When You Call My Name”

11. “Daffodils”

12. “Billions”

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