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André 3000 appears in a Super Bowl commercial with Zendaya: Watch

Edgar Wright directed the Squarespace commercial.

André 3000 Narrates Super Bowl LVI Commercial Starring Zendaya

Emmy award-winning actress Zendaya made an appearance in SB LVI ad with Atlanta legend─André 3000 as he reels off tongue-twisting sentences that take inspiration from the alliteration-heavy rhyme.

A preview of the commercial shared on Wednesday (February 9), ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl LVI event this Sunday will feature plenty of entertaining commercials featuring rappers. One of them stars André 3000 in a Squarespace ad with Euphoria star Zendaya.

Three Stacks narrates a story using his impressive alliteration skills. OutKast MC tells the tale of Sally, played by Zendaya, who sells seashells by the seashore (say that five times fast). Sally couldn’t attract customers to her seashells, so she set up a webstore on Squarespace and her seashells started selling briskly. Sally’s seashells were such a big hit with customers that she expanded her seashells into snacks, skirts and sarongs.

At the end of the ad, André 3000, who appears dressed up as a suave sailor, ends his story with the alliterating conclusion, “Sally’s seashells was so successful she sailed into the setting sun as a seashell celebrity."

You can watch all the Super Bowl 2022 Commercials (So Far) f/ Zendaya, André 3000, Megan Thee Stallion, and More below.


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