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Ashanti breaks silence on Irv Gotti, says Gotti would frequently tell her that he made her f*ckable

Ashanti breaks silence following Irv Gotti controversy with Angie Martinez.

Ashanti Breaks Silence on Irv Gotti, Says He Has 'Lied About a Lot of Things'

Ashanti says she was 'never' Irv Gotti's girlfriend: 'Manipulation played a heavy part.'

Angie Martinez's Ashanti interview aired Tuesday night, which gave the singer the opportunity to speak her truth about the relationship she had with Irv Gotti.

After months of slandering, Ashanti has finally issued a definitive response to claims and accusations made by her former Murder, Inc. boss, Irv Gotti.

“I think Irv definitely has his side, his version,” Ashanti said when asked to directly address Irv's claims that they had a sexual relationship. “You know, like, you may think that it's something and the other person knows that it's not. And you manifest this thing into something big and it's really not that. And when that person finally realizes that it's not that, it turns them into a completely different person.

Back in August, Irv Gotti appeared on Drink Champs and detailed being in love with Ashanti in the early 2000s while he was married. Now, the “Unfoolish” singer is breaking her silence on the controversial matter. Ashanti said she was asked to be a part of the BET Murder Inc. docuseries but declined. She called Irv a narcissist who constantly spoke down on her and would tell her he made her "fuck-able."

Angie Martinez's full interview with Ashanti via on YouTube.


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