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Ashanti announced owning her masters and plans to re-record self-titled debut album

Ashanti reflected on owning her masters during a recent appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

Ashanti To Re-Record & Re-Release Her Debut Album featured several hit singles, including “Happy,” “Baby” and “Foolish.”

Long Island, NY singer is planning to re-record her Grammy-winning debut album as an independent artist announced on Tuesday.

“It’s so surreal,” she said about owning her masters on The Tamron Hall Show. “I have an amazing legal team, and I got my first record deal when I was 14 years old, so understanding and seeing how things have changed so much from then to now and conceptually understanding what you’re signing is so imperative, it’s so important nowadays. The fact that I’ll be able to re-record my first album, and put everything together.”

Ashanti recorded her debut album, which was released April 2, 2002, right at home where she lived with her mother who became her manager and her sister.

“I wanted to feel like I had my own apartment,” she said. “So I used to be downstairs in my own section and I would put on the Cartoon Network on mute and I would just write,” she said. “It allowed me to kind of get into my zone.”

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