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At least 18 lawsuits have reportedly been filed against Travis Scott & Astroworld Festival organizer

At least 18 lawsuits have been filed through Tuesday after the crowd surge that left eight people dead and dozens more injured. ─ The family of a 9-year-old boy who was severely injured at Astrowrld is suing Houston rapper and Live Nation.

Lawsuits pile up against Travis Scott, event organizer as Investigation Continues

Billboard reports, The flood of lawsuits stemming from Friday night’s fatal Astroworld crowd-control disaster topped 18 as of Monday afternoon in Harris County District Court in Texas. All named concert producer Live Nation as one of the lead defendants, with most also going after Houston rapper Travis Scott ─ Experts say the mounting cases could see hundreds of millions in damages or settlements.

Patrick Stennis sued Live Nation as well as Travis Scott, the rapper’s record label Cactus Jack and the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation with claims he was “trampled, crushed and lost consciousness” when he was swallowed by the surging crowd. Stennis is now suffering physical pain, mental anguish and disability leading to medical bills and lost wages, his filing claims.

Festival goer Kristian Paredes is seeking at least $1 million from Live Nation, Scott and even Drake in one of the suits, alleging Drake joined Scott as a surprise onstage guest and “helped incite the crowd” to a level that was “out of control.”


TMZ reportedly on Tuesday (November 9), The father of the 9-year-old boy who was “trampled and catastrophically injured” at the Astroworld Festival in Houston has filed a negligence lawsuit against concert promoter Live Nation and Travis Scott.

Ezra Blount was on his dad Treston Blount’s shoulders at the Friday night festival when the two became trapped in the deadly crowd surge that started soon after Travis Scott took the stage at 9 p.m., his grandparents confirm.


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