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Bad Timing? Social Media & Celebrities Thinks 6ix9ine Ratted on 21 Savage

Since the news of 6ix9ine pleading guilty to nine counts of federal racketeering and firearms charges made waves on the internet, many people have jumped on social media to accuse the embattled rapper of cooperating with federal authorities.

Yesterday, a rap legend has seemingly joined the list.

On Saturday (Feb. 2), Snoop Dogg went on Instagram Live to share his thoughts on 6ix9ine's legal predicament. In a brief clip, the rap veteran seemingly accuses the "Gummo" artist of cooperating with federal government.

“Niggas is bustas, man. The era I come from, you couldn't tell on a nigga," he says to his followers. "Snitching, working with the federal government. After the government shutdown, the nigga decides to work with the federal government. I swear to god this new gang-banging shit is robotic to me."

Before the clip ends, Snoop asked his crew members, "How much time you think cuz is gonna get for snitching?"

If you recall, it was previously reported that 6ix9ine had identified one of his fellow gang members. This is most likely what Snoop is talking about.

Watch Snoop Dogg's commentary about 6ix9ine below.

Yesterday, 21 Savage calls out 6ix9ine for Snitching ironically, this happens today!


February 3rd, 2019 ICE arrests rapper 21 Savage, says he's illegally present in US. Peep the tweets below is it bad timing or what?


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