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Benzino goes off on Funk Flex For calling T.I. A Snitch “Shut the f**k up and Play Music”

The Boston-native music producer, rapper and former Love & Hip-Hop star, Benzino Comes to T.I.'s defense after Funk Flex called Tip a Snitch on Hot 97 air.

Benzino Tells DJ Funk Flex Shut the f**k up and Play Music

In an Instagram post, Flex decided to be the latest entertainer to use Tip's infamous Crime Stoppers video to insist the rapper is a snitch.

After a couple of weeks of teasing the Verzuz battle idea with 50 Cent and curving the idea with Busta Rhymes, NYC veteran DJ Funkmaster Flex used the majority of last night’s Hot 97 prime time radio slot to let New York and the surrounding areas know what he thinks about the self-proclaimed “King Of The South”. T.I.

"I’m no conspiracy theorist but no bullshit, im [sic] really starting to believe that TV networks are paying muthafukas to false claim allegations just so they can turn it into a documentary," he said. Check out the full post below.

"You always got security around you. Now what the f—k a DJ security needs a security for because you run your mouth too much". Benzino said, Check out the IGTV below.


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