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Bernie Mac's Biopic Is in the works Mac's daughter reportedly has two actors in mind to play him

Bernie Mac biopic on the way, produced by singer John Legend.

Je’Niece McCullough, Bernie Mac’s Daughter, Shares Who She Wants To Play Her Dad In Biopic

A biopic of Bernie Mac is in the works from John Legend, the musician who co-starred in “Soul Men” with the late, great Chicago comedian.

John Legend’s production company, Get Lifted, has partnered with the Bernie Mac estate to make a biopic about the late comedian, Legend’s producing partner Mike Jackson revealed during a panel discussion at the 2021 Tribeca Festival.

“We just partnered with Bernie Mac’s estate to cover Bernie Mac’s story,” Jackson said, seemingly surprising Legend as he said the info was “something that John doesn’t know about yet” and that he was “very excited about” the deal, which “just happened today.”

TMZ reports, on Monday, (June 14) Daughter of the Iconic comedian and Actor is eager to cast Aldis Hodge or Mark Phillips to play her late father in an upcoming biopic.

It will be “the ‘Soul Men’ reunion you all wanted to see,” Legend joked during a Thursday panel discussion at the 2021 Tribeca Festival.

The singer’s producing partner, Mike Jackson, said Mac’s estate is teaming up with Legend’s production company, Get Lifted, to make the feature film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“[Mac’s] humor was always edgy but it always had so much heart to it at the same time,” Legend said at the event. “You could tell he was a family man. You could tell that he loved the people he was talking about.”


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