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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Uber stock investment to make over $300 million

'Secure the Bag' Beyoncé & Jay-Z Makes $300 Million Off Uber

Beyonce Pockets $300 Million Dollars From "Uber" Investments: Report

According to That Grape Juice, Beyonce banked an extra $300 million dollars from Uber recently. Indeed, the on-demand taxi service ran the Lemonade singer a fat check from her early investments in the company. The latter is reported to stem from stocks, which her husband Jay Z has also profited from due to his role as an early investor in the company back in 2011. The Carters were well to do so because they now are pocketing the fruits of their wise financial decisions. After all, Jay Z isn't constantly bringing up financial literacy into his music for no reason. Money moves are to be made if one is wise.


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