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Beyoncé Music Video Shoot for 'Lion King' shuts down Grand Canyon reportedly people gets kicked out

Beyoncé is getting the star treatment at one of the most beautiful locations in the Grand Canyon -- but her music video shoot will likely piss off a few die-hard campers.

Watch clip below.

Beyonce Music Video Shoot Shuts Down Grand Canyon Landmark

This was a family event, as well, as Bey's seven-year-old daughter Blue Ivy accompanied her on the trip. The pair have been jet-setting as of late, considering that yesterday they walked the red carpet of the The Lion King premiere in Los Angeles. Although the film is set to be released to the masses next Friday, July 19, the reviews from the premiere suggest that this live-action remake pars well with, and arguably better than, the original.

The location was in one of the most coveted areas.


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