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Beyoncé's Storage Units Targeted by Thieves Who Reportedly Stole $1 Million in Valuables

Designer handbags and dresses were among items worth $1 million that were reportedly stolen from the storage unit of pop singer Beyoncé.

Beyoncé's Los Angeles area storage units were looted with the burglars

According to Dailymail and TMZ, the 39-year old Houston star is believed to be linked to three storage units hit in the Los Angeles area in recent weeks.

Her production company Parkwood Entertainment was apparently renting out the storage units, with the stolen pieces from the first robbery appearing to belong to Bey. The burglars hit the units one time and then returned within a week and ransacked three units in the same storage space, taking handbags, kid’s toys, and photos that are the property of one of Beyoncé’s stylists.

Parkwood Entertainment were believed to be raided by thieves twice. It was reported that the items swiped during the first heist all belonged to Beyoncé. There has been no official confirmation from Beyoncé or her team on the said burglaries.

Other celebrities have been targets of similar thefts, with TMZ noting that storage space burglaries are growing. Culprits also hit Miley Cyrus’ storage space, making off with clothes, family photos, and mementos.


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