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Blazers’ Damian Lillard says his favorite rappers Rejects his collaborations J. Cole & Ybn Cordae

Cole tells Dame D.O.L.L.A. “When the time is right”

The NBA loves itself some J. Cole. The seven-time Grammy-winning rapper frequently mixes in basketball references to his songs, whether about his own playing days as a teenager in North Carolina or name-dropping some of the game’s biggest stars. On Mondaycwho was his favorite rapper during Carmelo Anthony's What's In Your Glass Podcast YouTube Channel, Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard said he always [via] sends tracks for Cole to collaborate on but his response always When the time is right.”

"I been trying to do a song with J. Cole forever, and he just like when the time is right" [Dame said]

He also mentioned Ybn Cordae turning down his features.

Watch here the full What's In Your Glass of Carmelo Anthony's Podcast


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