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Bobby Brown discuss Whitney Houston, overcoming drug addiction, deaths of his kids on Red Table Talk

Bobby Brown believes Nick Gordon killed Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina.

Bobby Brown on the Drug Deaths of His Children: 'It's My Duty to Remind People It Can Kill You'

The R&B superstar appeared on Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk on Wednesday, April 14, and shared a heartfelt conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter, Willow, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. They spoke about his relationship with the late Whitney Houston, his struggles with addiction, and the loss of his two children, Bobbi Kristina Brown and Bobby Brown Jr. Those topics have been heavily covered in the media, but it doesn’t compare to hearing the “My Prerogative” singer talk about his experiences from his perspective and in his own words.

The singer is still reeling from the death of his 28-year-old son, who died unexpectedly last year from a drug overdose, and wants parents and their children to learn from his situation and take heed when it comes to the dangers of using drugs. Brown is also still coping with his daughter’s loss in 2015 and is figuring out how to live a better life to help create a better path for his three youngest children. His wife, Alicia Etheredge, also joined the red table. Together, they opened up about therapy, finding ways to help him grieve and maintain his sobriety in order to break the generational cycles that have haunted the New Edition singer and his family for decades. Here are some key takeaways from the latest Red Table Talk episode, “An Urgent Warning from Bobby Brown.”

You can watch The Red Table Talk episode above, titled “An Urgent Warning from Bobby Brown.


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