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Bobby Shmurda's Special Parole Conditions Reportedly Include No Alcohol or Bars, 8 p.m. Curfew

Conditions Of Bobby Shmurda's Parole Revealed: No Beer Or Bars plus more.

TMZ reports, Bobby Shmurda's parole includes : No drinking alcohol, attending bars, hanging with gangs, & an 8pm curfew until Feb. 23, 2026 He also also has to do substance abuse testing and get counseling for aggression and anger.

The Brooklyn native has proven that he’s one to follow the rules since being released from prison, as one of these conditions may sound familiar. Shortly after his release, a video began trending of Shmurda turning down a drink at a club, with Shmurda himself responding to it on his Instagram Stories, reminding fans that he was on parole. He was also recently seen wearing a mask in a nightclub, a move that earned him praise from fans who were pleased to see hi

Bobby really seems to be enjoying his time now, too. Just last week, he was reintroduced to the hat he wore—or a version of the one he wore—in the “Hot Ni**a” video. Later that night he received a custom Brooklyn Nets jersey from James Harden.

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1 Comment

These restrictions serve as clear reasons to quit alcohol, emphasizing the need for individuals to avoid environments where alcohol consumption is prevalent. By committing to sobriety, individuals like Bobby Shmurda can focus on their rehabilitation and avoid behaviors that may hinder their progress towards a positive future.

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