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Bobby Shmurda gets Harriet Tubman's face tattooed on his arm in honor

The 26-year-old Brooklyn native pulled up to Daz Léone INK shop for an historic arm tattoo.

Bobby Shmurda gets a tattoo of Harriet Tubman on his arm

Bobby Shmurda is paying tribute to Harriet Tubman.

On his Instagram Stories Wednesday, (May 5) Shmurda shared a flick of himself getting his latest tattoo, a portrait of “Harriet Tubman” with a couple prayer and heart emojis..

Bobby shouted out Brooklyn tattoo artist Daz Léone Ink and tagged him in the post.

The artist shares a side by side video of a picture of Harriet Tubman, and the Bobby’s new ink. He writes, “first session of a long project. Welcome home bro. He got some fire on the way.”


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