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Boosie Badazz calls on Vice-President Kamala Harris to free Master P's Brother Corey Miller

No one will ever accuse Boosie Badazz of being shy. The audacious emcee took audacity to another level when he publicly pleaded for Vice President Kamala Harris to free imprisoned rapper Corey Miller aka C-Murder.

Boosie Boosie Asks VP Kamala Harris For Help Freeing C-Murder

The Baton Rouge rapper made a very humble request to free NOLA rap legend C-Murder from prison.

Boosie Badazz uploaded a video to social media on Sunday, (Aug 8) directly asking Vice President Kamala Harris for help freeing his friend, C-Murder. Murder was sentenced to life in prison on in 2009 in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, but has maintained his innocence since. In 2018, two key witnesses recanted their statements, sparking a movement calling for a new trial.

“So…Kamala Harris, I’m asking you to help my friend C-Murder bro," Boosie said in the clip.

In his request, Boosie says, “As president, vice president…I feel like you and Biden can do something about it. This man is innocent. You know… he’s completely innocent, and he was convicted because of, ya know, his rap name and the success of no-limit records. So, this goes out to Kamala Harris. I need you to look into this man and see this injustice and turn this around.”

Corey Miller is currently serving a life sentence in Louisiana.

Check out Boosie's video above.


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