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Boosie Badazz gets rescued by Dolphin after playing dead at Bahamas trip “bury me with the dolphins”

Boosie Badazz says the man leading the dolphin excursion had never seen anything like it and revealed that he learned about dolphin rescue instinct from "watching the Animal channel."

Boosie Badazz may be the funniest rapper in hip hop today.

On Tuesday (March 2), The Baton Rouge rapper shared a video on his Instagram showing a picture of himself swimming with dolphins this past weekend in The Bahamas. The photo shows Boosie floating on his back in the water while a dolphin pushes his body by his feet. It’s normal for dolphins to do that but apparently, Boosie had no idea they could really do such a thing.

“On this picture, I played dead, and the dolphin pushed me to safety,” Boosie said excitedly. “I was the first one to ever do this. The man said I was the first one to ever do this, but I watched the animal channel before I went over there, and if you play dead, a dolphin will push you to safety and look at this muthafucking shot.”

“Bury me with the dolphins bitch,” Boosie proclaimed. “I said bury me with the dolphins bitch, yeah. You see, he pushed me to safety. He thought I was dead.”


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