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Boosie BadAzz Is Reportedly, Having Complications After Being Shot In The Leg, Still Hospitalized

UPDATE: People are saying that the Louisiana rapper's diabetes may be a cause in the potential amputation of his leg.

Boosie Badazz May Have His Leg Amputated

Boosie was shot on Saturday (Nov. 14), which also happened to be his 38th birthday. The Lousiana rapper was reportedly in Dallas, Texas strolling through the city in his sprinter van when somebody opened fire on the vehicle, striking him in his leg.

Latest Report, According HOT 97 and several other sources it is now being confirmed, the 38-year-old Baton Rouge star is still in the hospital and “having complications in the leg that he was shot in due to his diabetes.” The blogs reported that the gunshot wound is not healing fast and it's not looking good for his leg, meaning he may have to get his leg amputated.

Unclear how severe the complications were other than it was “not looking good.”

We wish Boosie a speedy recovery from his injuries.



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