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Boosie Badazz says the shooter's should have shot him in the head instead In New Song:

Boosie Badazz weighs in on shooting in preview new song, “Stay Dangerous.”

Boosie Badazz Makes Defiant Statement About Dallas Shooting In New Song: 'SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY HEAD'

"Hit me in my leg but it should've been my head, I swear to God," Boosie raps on an unreleased single. “Stay Dangerous”

Rapper BOOSIE BADAZZ recently took to Instagram Live where he previewed some new music but it was one bar in particular that caught people's attention. The Baton Rouge legend raps about getting shot the leg, though he insinuates that the people who targetted him should've aimed for his head because vengeance are on it's way.

Check the preview below.

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