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Bow Wow responds to claims he allegedly Ran-Off with a 10-Year-Old fan’s money

Bow Wow is reportedly being sued for stealing money from a 10-year-old.

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is being sued for skipping out on a feature

Bow Wow denies finessing 10-Year-Old girl out of feature after father hits him with a lawsuit.

On Wednesday (July 26) the 10 y/o paid Bow Wow $15K for a feature which he never completed but accepted the money. Court documents claims that Bow Wow was sent $3k through Cash App. Now the father of the 10-year-old is suing for $15k.

“Based on the foregoing and as a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions and failures, Plaintiff’s total damages, including costs and attorney’s fees, amount to $15,000.00″ reads in the document.

Later In a Tweet, Bow Wow has addressed claims of 10-year-old girl “allegedly” the Atlanta rapper “ran off” with the money he was paid for a feature. “D pimpin done got yall again huh? 🤣 i dont conduct business on apps”

Bow Wow said. “I do NOT use or have cash app. So if you aint call management and send a wire .. you def was NOT dealing w me. Be careful who yall send yalls money to online. This happens everyday to folks. This the 3rd time somebody acting like me catfishing people.”


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