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Lil Baby reportedly arrested in Paris after transporting Narc, Nets' Superstar James Harden released

Lil Baby reportedly arrested in Paris for Marijuana.

Lil Baby Reportedly Arrested In Paris After Transporting Narcotics, James Harden Was Released

Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden has been making moves as of late. Although he’s recovering from a hamstring strain, that doesn’t mean it’s going to to stop him from having some fun.

Harden took a trip to France along with his friend, rapper Lil Baby, for Paris Fashion Week.

According to reports from Paris, the Atlanta rapper has been arrested on (Thursday, July 8), Paris Police Dept. tells TMZ the incident was currently an active investigation.

Reports claim that 20 grams of weed was found in the glove compartment of the car Baby was riding in. “The Parisian police arrested, this Thursday, three individuals, including the American rapper, for transporting narcotics. At 4:50 pm exactly, at 33 avenue Montaigne, local police checked the three passengers of a vehicle that smelled strongly of cannabis.”

We have the context of this video: James Harden was checked after he intervened in the arrest of his rapper friend Lil Baby for transporting narcotics. The police had noticed a strong smell of cannabis in his car.

NY Post reports, that a Nets source said nothing significant came of the encounter for Harden.

Paris Police Dept.

Story still developing. (Via TMZ)

Lil Baby & James Harden Run Around Paris: "Ball So Hard This Sh*t Crazy!"

The Brookly Nets attended The Balenciaga show in Paris along with rapper Lil Baby. But while it’s the designers and models who usually get the spotlight in the event, Harden and Lil Baby suddenly found themselves in the picture—quite literally.

"Ball So Hard That Sh*t Crazy !! Ni$$as In Paris[shrug emoji]," wrote Lil Baby.


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