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Busta Rhymes has a collaboration with DaBaby on the way

Busta Rhymes teases collaboration with DaBaby.

DaBaby & Busta Rhymes Have A Collab On The Way

Busta Rhymes has teamed up with DaBaby for a new song.

On Tuesday (July 6), the rap legend taking to social media to post a video of himself and DaBaby in the studio. In the clip, Baby can be seen smoking as he sits in front of a microphone and Busta Rhymes addresses the camera.

The confirmation came from Busta Rhymes on Instagram, delivering a message of “Don’t be afraid now you muthafuckas.”

He added, “It’s too late for that bitch. Hold the fuck tight.”

You can see the teaser below.

It's unclear as to whether or not the track in question is meant for a DaBaby project or a Busta drop, but it should be an exciting release either way.


Watch DaBaby meet Busta Rhymes for the first time behind the scenes at 2021 BET Awards.


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