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Cam’ron gets massage from Former NBA player Joe Smith’s Wife Kisha Chavis on 'It Is What It Is'

In a previous episode, Cam’ron flirted with Kisha Chavis several times. Mase decided to surprise Cam for an interesting interview.

The 'It Is What It Is' co-host Cam'ron gets shirtless massage from Joe Smith's Wife

Joe Smith’s wife gives Cam’ron Live massage on “It Is What It Is”

Kisha Chavis, the wife of ex-NBA player Joe Smith, returned to It Is What It Is on Wednesday (November 15), at the request of Ma$e to provide his co-host, Cam'ron, a massage live on the show.

During the latest episode of sports talk show It Is What It Is, Cam took off his shirt, laid face down on a massage table and received a back rub from Smith’s wife, Kisha Chavis, who was a special guest.

Murda Mase explained that Killa has said he doesn't do anything for him, so he decided to change that to close out the show. The gift he got his Harlem brethren was a massage from Chavis, which Cam had mentioned he wanted on a previous episode.

In the clip, Cam looked surprised as a massage table was set up behind him, and Chavis walked onto the set.

The Dipset legend couldn't help but smile and asked if he was really about to get a body rub.

"I can do my interview while this goes on," Cam asked before pointing at Mase and saying, "That's my mans right there!" for getting him such a great gift. Cam then took his shirt off and laid on the table for Chavis to go to work on his back.

Chavis was doing such a great job that Cam shouted her out during the massage while Mase asked if she was really a masseuse which she said she wasn't.

See the clip and full segment below.


The former NBA player recently Joe Smith expressed deep distress on Vlad TV after discovering a clip of Cam'Ron flirting with his wife Kisha Chavis, and Messages sent to Ex-NBA star.


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