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Cam'ron says he helped A$AP Rocky get Rihanna pregnant by giving him his ‘Pink Horse Power’ product

Harlem MC says his stamina product helped Asap Rocky get Rihanna pregnant.

Dipset’ Cam'ron Takes Credit for A$AP Rocky Impregnating Rihanna With Sexual Enhancement Supplement

The Harlem superstar and Rihanna shocked the world on Monday (January 31) when they announced RiRi is pregnant with their first child. Fans flocked to social media with all types of reactions to the news, but one of Flacko’s rap friends is taking credit for the baby bump.

On Monday (January 31), Killa Cam AKA Cam'ron took to Instagram with a video of A$AP Rocky promoting his Pink Horse Power sexual enhancement supplement. According to Killa Cam, the clip was from October 2021, which helps to explain the bun in Rihanna’s oven. “I’m just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️ check da dates👀,” Cam wrote in the Instagram caption. “Congrats to Flocko and da Sis RiRi. Welcome to Harlem!!! @pinkhorsepower.”

Cam’s ‘Pink Horse Power’ brand has been a successful business venture since the 2021 launch for the Harlem native. Jadakiss, Ludacris, 2 Chainz, N.O.R.E., Amber Rose and comedian Michael Blackson have all co-signed the supplement, which claims to “empower man’s sexual intimacy by helping to improve stamina and libido.”

Killa Cam has been pushing the product, which seems to have launched in early 2021, since last year, telling the Drink Champs crew it’s for people who might want “a little help in the bedroom.”


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